0.1.9 - Spinning is the key

Release work:

BAT-80 - Display animation for using a key

In Progress:

New experimental project, MVR.


The second part of the animation work is now done! I've added backend support for animating sprites through movement and the first example is the key spin as you can see in the gif at the top of this post. While at the moment this is just the one animation, with the backend in place it will be very easy for me to add in animations for the other items and I intend to do just that in the next couple of weeks. Low hanging fruit!

Up Next:

I'm having my time pulled in multiple different directions right now so the next release is likely to be modest again. I'll include animations for the rest of the different items and then I might tackle refining the way items are collected.


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Version 0.1.9 Jul 20, 2018

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