0.1.6 - Show me the moving

Release work:

BAT-69 - Make water less dangerous and annoying

In Progress:

BAT-61 - Implement time system


This release brings in the double click mechanic for movement and consequently display of the path taken by the player! I've implemented this in response to feedback about the water being too annoying as a misclick can send you straight to your death and force you to start over. I'm hoping with the new mechanic it makes this much harder to do by accident but I'm open to other changes if it's either too annoying to use all the time or it doesn't prevent accidental deaths ;)

The time system is still progressing in the background and I'm pretty happy with the utility of the ECS I'm integrating. I'm now just ensuring that it can handle all of the cases that I need it to and integrate my test code back into the actual application.

Up Next:

What's next? Hmmm well I think I'm going to expand the size of the inventory as that is another common piece of feedback, dropping items to collect others is annoying and the necessity doesn't come out of any interesting or fun mechanic. The time system work will also be moving forward.


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Version 0.1.6 Jun 16, 2018

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