0.1.3 - Load up and step to the beat


BAT-23 - Add a loading screen when entering a level
BAT-66 - Agent image reorients based on direction of movement

In Progress:

BAT-61 - Implement time system


This release introduces two minor improvements; A facing for the player character in the game when moving and a loading screen for getting into the level. In the background I've been working on implementation of a time system and I finished by initial investigation into GOAP as a means of adding in AI behaviour.

I also missed my Friday deadline for this release so I'm completing it today, this was delayed primarily because I ran into technical issues with the loading screen and that I hadn't prioritised starting the release associated work before Friday morning :P

Up Next:

It's another week so I have another release planned (0.1.4), this time the focus will be on making it more difficult to misclick and die from drowning and to make some minor tweaks to the in game dialogs.

As far as the background work for 0.2.0 is concerned I'll be finishing implementation of the turn system and then working to implement a basic AI agent to cohabit with the player.


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Version 0.1.3 May 28, 2018

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