0.1.5 - Deny but explain


BAT-70 - Navigation by mouse to undiscovered tiles is allowed
BAT-75 - Multiple UI dialogs can be inapproriately present at the same time

In Progress:

BAT-61 - Implement time system


This release sees two minor bugs fixed and a slight improvement to usability as a result. Essentially you now can't automatically pathfind to locations you haven't explored yet, with a helpful popup telling you the reason. Also applied this to an attempt to move to a cell that is blocked e.g. contains a tree or boulder. The other fix is just to ensure that only one popover can be active at one time.

Progress this week was a little more stunted than I would have liked. While implementing the time system I ran into some fairly heavy multithreading issues, the game engine I'm using has its own thread and no engine related object can be read/written outside of this thread. This has put me back to the drawing board a little and I'm now looking to implement the beginnings of an Entity Component System (ECS) to separate out the engine objects sensibly. I'm pretty happy with progress so far, but I won't venture a guess as to when I'll have that in just yet ;)

Up Next:

The astute will have noticed that I didn't address pathing into water too easily in this release as I felt it was too large to complete given other work that I'd committed to. However I'm going to target completing this for the next release and it's an area where there are many approaches that could be taken to mitigate so I'll be looking for some concrete feedback from players!

Longer term work is I'll be continuing to smash away implementing the time system and specifically experimenting with and integrating an ECS.


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