0.1.4 - Stack 'em up!


BAT-68 - Option to use an item appears twice in use popover

In Progress:

BAT-61 - Implement time system


This release sees one bug fixed, but as a collateral bonus similar items are now stacked in the inventory! The bug was that multiple options would appear in the use popover if the player holds more than one item of the same type. This was resolved by making the inventory aware of types of items so that it can create and display stacks, the flow on effect being that it was trivial to only display an option once per stack! This is a nice usability and gameplay improvement, you can now hold many logs which makes creating platforms a lot easier and the dialog for creating platforms always has the button in the same place which makes the clicking easier too :)

In addition I was planning for this release to include some usability fixes to make it more difficult to plunge yourself into water and drown but I just didn't have the time in the end :O

Up Next:

The next release I'm planning is 0.1.5, which will include drowning prevention measures for the UI. 

The background work also rolls on, I'm now a short distance from having the time system in place and working correctly. I have the movement being mediated by the master clock now and I now need to add in the other actions that take time e.g. chopping trees, creating platforms, collecting items etc as well as the visual display of the time on the clock. 

I've also finished by investigation into GOAP for the time being and after the time system is in place I'll be full steam ahead on adding in a wood chopping NPC for the player to observe and perhaps interact with. 


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