0.1.7 - A larger pack

Release work:

BAT-17 - Level display flashes up on exit
BAT-78 - Increase the size of the inventory

In Progress:

BAT-61 - Implement time system


The improvements in this build are pretty modest. The central change is increasing the capacity of the inventory as I had consistent feedback that having to drop and collect itmes frequently was frustrating. Increasing the capacity from 3 to 5 slots should alleviate this almost entirely. Other adjustment is to remove a visual glitch when returning to the main menu as reported on the community board

Up Next:

So in my background work I've been implementing a time system which has taken a lot longer than planned. Based on knowledge and insight gained through this process I've now decided to do major restructuring to the backend and move to an ECS architecture. Doing this will obviously cost visible progress in the near term but should enable greater progress in the medium to long term.

Even though I'm embarking on major refactoring work I'm still planning to keep these releases up! I'll be focusing my changes on control, UI and usability improvements so this work is easily transferable once the new architecture is in place.


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Version 0.1.7 Jun 22, 2018

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