0.1.8 - I see movement!

Release work:

BAT-79 - Display animated sprites

In Progress:

... background research and experimentation


Animations exist!! That's it for this update but is does give the game a nicer feel. Currently there are only a couple of elements that are animated but I can easily expand that now that the framework is in place. 

On a more somber note, I now have some other work commitments (money yay!) but that means progress here is going to be a little slower and I'm going to move to fortnightly release for updates. I'm also committing  a whole lot of time to working on a new backend architecture as mentioned previosuly. This is going to take the form of a couple of standalone games that will be basic in scope and I'll be adding them to my itch profile as it becomes appropriate with the aim to have the first available at the end of August.

Up Next:

I'll be focusing my efforts here on improving the usability and visuals and the next release I'm planning to add animations for the usage of keys and other tools. I'm also strongly considering revamping the inventory management and collection of items as it has been noted as a little annoying during play testing.


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Version 0.1.8 Jul 06, 2018

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