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0.1.10 - Swipey swipe
Release work: BAT-81 - Add more animations In Progress: Experimental project MVR. Update: I've added in animations for using an Axe or a Pick and it gives them...
1 file — 0.1.10a
0.1.9 - Spinning is the key
Release work: BAT-80 - Display animation for using a key In Progress: New experimental project, MVR. Update: The second part of the animation work is now done!...
1 file — 0.1.9
0.1.8 - I see movement!
Release work: BAT-79 - Display animated sprites In Progress: ... background research and experimentation Update: Animations exist!! That's it for this update bu...
1 file — 0.1.8
0.1.7 - A larger pack
Release work: BAT-17 - Level display flashes up on exit BAT-78 - Increase the size of the inventory In Progress: BAT-61 - Implement time system Update: The impr...
1 file — 0.1.7
0.1.6 - Show me the moving
Release work: BAT-69 - Make water less dangerous and annoying In Progress: BAT-61 - Implement time system Update: This release brings in the double click mechan...
1 file — 0.1.6
0.1.5 - Deny but explain
Changes: BAT-70 - Navigation by mouse to undiscovered tiles is allowed BAT-75 - Multiple UI dialogs can be inapproriately present at the same time In Progress...
1 file — 0.1.5
0.1.4 - Stack 'em up!
Changes: BAT-68 - Option to use an item appears twice in use popover In Progress: BAT-61 - Implement time system Update: This release sees one bug fixed, but as...
1 file — 0.1.4
0.1.3 - Load up and step to the beat
Changes: BAT-23 - Add a loading screen when entering a level BAT-66 - Agent image reorients based on direction of movement In Progress: BAT-61 - Implement time...
1 file — 0.1.3
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